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Welcome to Life Renewal Inc. Christian Counseling in Jacksonville Florida

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How would you like to finally break free from

  • Painful and destructive patterns in relationships!
  • Turbulent emotions that hinder your success!
  • Limiting and controlling beliefs that keep you stuck repeating negative behavior patterns!


The problem is you probably don’t know how. Maybe you’ve sought counseling before and have knowledge from self-help books, but you haven’t learned how to apply what you have learned and you seldom experience lasting results.
My name is Dr. Michele and I am a Clinical Christian Counselor with solutions. My passion is to teach you a system of tools to change your thinking, faulty core beliefs, speech patterns, and your life and relationship skills, to achieve the life of freedom you want!
Why do you feel what you feel, and do what you do? 

I can empower you with the “How To” knowledge to find solutions and change your circumstances.

Until now life, relationships and marriages didn’t come with an instruction manual and too many people continue to run around the same hamster wheel of personal challenges. In my Christian counseling practice I give you the tools to understand the root system that drives you. You will gain the keys to identify and change what is holding you in relationship problems, destructive patterns, and turbulent emotions that control and hinder your life.

You can escape your current circumstances, I can help you Be Empowered
Simply Call Us Today for a consultation and fill out the form on the right to receive a Free copy of my EBook entitled Identity Theft: Restoring Your True Self-Image. In addition, you will receive 20% Off on your first appointment as a Bonus Gift.

Don’t allow your past to dictate your present or mold your future. Call Today, I look forward to hearing from you!